We stand on the shoulders of giants, but in the case of sport most of the time we don’t have a clue who these heroic female pioneers are.

As we walk around our cities, visit our sports stadia, we encounter plenty of men’s sports memorabilia – statues, photographs, and stories of sporting heroes. They serve as reminders of wonderful sporting moments; memories, or stories, passed down through generations.

But where are all the women? In the UK there are just two statues of named sportswomen, versus almost 200 of sportsmen. In London there are just two Blue Plaques for sportswomen. The invisibility of these stories continues to promote the myth that women and sport are an unseemly combination.

We at the Blue Plaque Rebellion know that’s just not true. Women’s sports stories from the past are a treasure trove of inspiration, heroism, and incredible sporting feats. If it is hard to be a sportswoman now, imagine how hard it was 50 or 100 years ago. Think what barriers these incredible women would have overcome for the love of their sport.

We want to share those stories with future generations. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary sportswomen, of all backgrounds, and help us campaign for a public platform to secure their legacy.

Explore the stories of these incredible sportswomen here.